Welcome to LeopardClanEdit

  • Leopardclan is a rouge clan and they are loyal, patient, talented cats they are skillful hunters too. The leader is Spotstar a black cat with dark grey spots. We need a deputy ill decide who is deputy in the comments, We also need warriors, kits, apprentinces, elders etc. So please respect all cats in our clan!.BTW THIS IS NOT THE ANCIENT LEOPARD CLAN ITS A MADE UP ONE.

How to get into the clan Edit

You must comment your rank, your warrior name and about your cat. Thats pretty much it besides being a kind and loyal cat and don't be a evil little demon unless you say your a evil little demon like scourge lol.

Where it takes place Edit

Animaljam,Transformice,Discord. please comment any other places you could think of.

The clans story Edit

Once upon a time the forest was a beatiful place of 5 clans Skyclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Windclan. until one day a cat named Leapfoot ran away from its clan (Thunderclan) and decided to be a rouge and start there own clan. The clan at first was very evil until its deputy Spotfoot became leader. Spotstar made everything fair for the cats and was loyal and kind. starclan accepted them to be part of the forest and a clan. The end

There usual looks Edit

they usually have blue,orange,green,brown,black eye colors. There fur is usually brown,black,white,orange,gray,darkgray,tan etc. they usually have spots. I look forward to seeing all the outfits you create or draw with this. send your pictures to me in my discord server or friend me on discord to show me. Have a great day in leopardclan my cats!

Discord name:

☀Jellybean57 #0829

Discord Server:

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